Espiral Vinho Verde Wine Review

Vinho Verde: Immature Wine Without That Teenager Attitude

I don’t normally review wines sold at Trader Joe’s because they often can only be found at Trader Joe’s.

Not everyone lives near one of those beauties. Get with the program and expand, Trader Joe’s!

Anyway, this Espiral Vinho Verde is worth the extra mileage if you don’t live within 10 miles of a TJ’s. If you have to drive more than 30 miles, buy a case.

Especially since it’s under $5. Oh yeah.

Vinho Verde is one of those “Entire Party and Feel Fine” wines. It has a lower alcohol content than most white wines but still delivers delicious, complex flavors, often with some bubbles.

Hey, that just gave me a thought: Can’t afford decent champagne or sparkling wine? Don’t want any of that cheap Cooks crap? Hit up a Vinho Verde for some tasty bubbles. You won’t get the classy fizz, but it’s close enough.

Vinho Verde is wine that isn’t allowed to mature. It literally means “green wine”. Think of it as the wine that is young enough to backtalk you with attitude but not old enough to pay for it’s own goddamn dinner yet.

Alright, where was I?


A step up from water. There is an “off” tint to it but this is extremely pale.

Fun Fact: Vinho Verde isn’t a grape varietal, but rather a kind of region in Portugal. Which means that the wine can be white, red, or rose. Though typically us Yankees see the white variety in our violently democratic wine shops.


Fresh, crisp, and very green scents. We’ve been here before, so this is to be expected. Since Vinho Verde isn’t allowed to mature, it’s bouquet is very subtle in complexity but still stark because it’s practically gone from crush to bottle.


Extremely pleasant. That’s really the most exciting way to describe this wine. It’s not rocking my face off or making me think of a lot of fruit or barnyard stink.

It smells like subtle bubbles. Some raw, cut green bean, a little iceburg lettuce, and maybe a bit of lime. There is good acid, but it fades quickly. The bubbles make you think the acid is lasting a bit longer than it actually is.

It’s refreshing, but at the same time does have a light shag carpeting of fresh flavors. I almost feel like I should only drink this after a swim or a shower. Perfect for a hot day.

With Food

Think fresh summer foods. Nothing fried or cooked to death. Grilled chicken or Mahi Mahi with mango salsa. Shrimp cocktail. Mostly white/light foods that aren’t going to be too dominating.

It’s tough to pair this with any dairy, I’ll warn you, despite the acid. Cheeses, pastas…not really this wine’s bag.

I would dare to call this a diet wine. Still, it’s awesome and totally deserves a place at your weekend lunch table.

Final Rating


$4.49 at Trader Joe’s

At under $5, this is a great, light option for starters and white meats with light accompaniments. It lacks the acidic oomph of other Vinho Verde’s but still worth it.

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