The 3 Best Black Friday Online Wine Deals (UPDATED DEALS)

black friday 2015 wine dealsDEAL UPDATE!

I may have had a little too much Wild Horse Pinot last night with dinner (and by a little I mean headache), but I was still up early this morning and found 2 additional killer wine deals for Black Friday in addition to the deals below:

Update Deal #1: Wine Exchange’s Black Friday Sale!

This place is in my neighborhood and offers up some of the best deals on under-$20 wine I’ve ever seen. Makes me wonder why they are in my neighborhood.

At any rate, they are running a brutal Black Friday wine sale with 50% off select bottles. Some of my top picks include the Montes Cabernet Sauvignon for $5.98 (Normally $12!) and the Rua Red Napa Valley 2011 for $15.98 (Normally $36!).

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Update Deal #2: 15 Bottles for $89.99 Plus FREE SHIPPING!

This deal beats any of the 3 listed below! You can select a red, white, or mixed case and all cases are hand-selected! But let’s face it, they’re probably not. I’m guessing every case is already pre-packed, but still, maybe they were hand-selected at the beginning!

And only $89.99!

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Now check out the other deals we found inside!

Hello Winos!

You’re still recovering from your turkey hangover. Likely a wine hangover, too. A little Chardonnay, a little Pinot Noir, maybe you had some balls and paired your turkey with a Cab.

Either way, clear your head. It’s that time of year again.

Time to realize that you like wine a lot but haven’t saved up enough dough for one of the best days to buy wine by the case load.

Time to dig deep into that bank account and have that discussion in your head:

“I can only afford to spend $100. But maybe I can find some killer Black Friday wine deals.”

Then you start shopping.

“Ok great, I can get a couple of cases for $100. Good to go.”

“Oh wait, look at this deal over here. Another full case for $50.”

“Well, I guess I can use the credit card for this.”

“Oh wow, look at this other deal over here.”

Basically, if you love the vino, your creditors love you on Black Friday.

We’ve been able to dig up 3 AWESOME deals on this glorious day.

Deal #1: Barclay’s Wine: 15 bottles for $111.11 plus Free Shipping

That’s $7.40 per bottle. $290 worth of wine for $111, plus the shipping would normally be $25. It’s nothing with this deal.

And these are decent bottles. If you like the good booze at a cheap price, this is the one I would go for. Choose a white case, red case, or mixed.

It also includes $50 in dining dollars, whatever the hell that is.

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Deal #2: Heartwood & Oak: Same deal as above, 15 bottles for $111.11 plus Free Shipping

This is practically the same deal as the Barclay’s one, but different wines, obviously.

I’ll be honest, Heartwood & Oak, whoever the hell they are, tend to have some real gems mixed into some lower caliber, but definitely drinkable wines.

This isn’t left bank. But it’s also not pharmacy wine (don’t ask how I know).

Again, the free shipping is the key. Along with those $50 dining dollar thingies. Someone report back to me just what the hell those are.

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Deal #3: Black Friday Deals

We’re no stranger to Wine Library around here. They are pretty much at the pinnacle of solid online wine sales.

They don’t do this cheap case business. Rather, if you want some killer deals on GOOD wine, that’s where you go.

They’ve got some killer Black Friday deals coming. Granted, we don’t know WTF they are, but I’ve been buying from them long enough to know that you should expect at least a 50% discount on 90+ point wine.

Not to mention their deals on their daily wine deal site, They’ve got some big deals coming on Friday there as well.

Check Out Wine Library Deals

That’s it! We are currently digging into Cyber Monday wine deals, too, so we’ll try to get some of those to you as well.

Stay tuned and let us know what deals you know about in the comments. Share and let’s all save some cash on our addiction!

Have a safe and happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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