Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling Cheap Wine Review

chateau ste. michelle riesling cheap wine reviewHello, Suburbia!

First off, don’t be offended, suburbanites.

They sell this wine in Target, for God’s sakes.

Back in the 90s, before the Consumer Wine Revolution, White Zin was the “wine” you’d buy when you wanted to serve something Classy. Something other than beer, margaritas, or wine coolers.

SPOILER ALERT: White Zinfandel is a wine cooler. Deal with it, folks.

These days, we have become more “sophisticated”

My upbringing and holiday celebrations are exclusively suburban. I’ve learned that the go-to suburban wine is Riesling. Specifically, Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. Every holiday party, every wedding, every homebound gathering. A bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling was almost always sitting next to the soy milk and juice in the refrigerator door.


Gold, gold, gold. Not to be crass, but this wine looks like piss in a bottle. Which is somewhat you expect, but honestly, I’m always wary about wine resembling a golden shower. GET PAST THE COLOR. As a cheap wine aficionado, I’m always suspicious about a wine that costs less than $10, but if it also looks too gold, I just tend to think “spoiled”. But get past that.


Sweet, sugar, stone fruit: apple, peach, and…(I’m so sorry) gasoline. I like this nose because i’m one of those weirdos that likes the smell of gasoline/petrol fume. I guess you could call this complex.


The sugar is real. Seriously. However, I have to say that this wine has substance and structure. And for under $10? That’s awesome. Great sugar but not too over the top to call it a 100% dessert selection. You could actually drink this with appetizers. The apple and minerality come through quite well, making it work with hard or American cheeses so long as you’re eating fruit with them. Doesn’t matter what fruit.

I must admit, this slender doll is worth it if you’ve got a mix of winos and non-winos. Chateau Ste. Michelle takes their shit seriously.

With Food

The crisp, mineral finish makes it an obvious choice for fish or Thai food, but the apple notes mean it’s refreshing enough to enjoy on its own. It’s the best kind of TGIF treat to yourself. Especially because it’s cheap. It’s an easy one to polish off in an evening by yourself and definitely a winner as a starter wine for a family get together with people who don’t know shit about wine.

Added Food Bonus

A leftover glass would be great for cooking some veggie risotto. The wine will bring some creamy, satisfying Italian food to the next level. Honestly. These days they tell you to cook with good wine, but I see ZERO point in that. Cook with under-$10 crowd. Cheap wine was made for boiling to death.

Final Rating


Price is definitely right here, but there are better Riesling options at the same or lower price point like the Dr. Loosen.

$9.99 @!

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  1. Cheap Wino Says:
    October 23, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    I think my wife has 5 cases of this stuff stockpiled in her closet.

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