Powerboats and Pinot Noir: New Zealand and Wine

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It’s often said that wine makes everything better. A witticism often found on social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter sums it up perfectly by stating “Wine is to women what duct tape is to men –it fixes everything”

Whilst most New Zealanders would have to insist that it is in fact not duct tape but rather no. 8 wire, that is the panacea for all of life’s DIY dilemmas. Everyone enjoys themselves when drinking a great glass of wine. Especially when paired with a mouth-watering roast lamb or a sirloin cooked to perfection.

These kinds of globally pervasive wine associations are universally understood and adhered to. Which is why, if you ever did find yourself in a word association game with a Kiwi partner, you may be left scratching your head at the answers that get rebounded back to you if you holler out the word ‘wine’.

Wine and adventure – a perfect pairing of lifestyle choices

If you head down to Queenstown on the south island you would just as likely be greeted with enthusiastic shouts of ‘jet boat’, ‘helicopter adventures’ or ‘nature trail hike’ in a word association challenge.

Anyone who harbours even a mild interest in their wine will be aware that NZ ranks amongst the best ‘cool climate’ producers of wine in the world. And anyone who knows even a little about Kiwis is that they are mad for all things outdoors and adventure-riddled.

So it comes as no surprise that in Queenstown there exists the opportunity—through Queesntown Wine Tours—for wine lovers to pair their love of all things wine with the authentic Kiwi lifestyle love of fun, excitement, and adventure.

cheap new zealand wineSome Jet boating with that Pinot Noir?

Of course I am not talking about being afforded the opportunity to pilot a high speed jet boat down the spectacular Shotover River whilst rolling an award winning Pinot Noir around your pallet. Things don’t get quite as James Bond-ish as all that, but you can look forward to spending your morning powering skilfully through 43 kilometers of the breathtaking canyons and waterways of Karawau and Shotover rivers flowing out of the iconic Lake Wakatipu.

Once your adrenalin glands have had their fill it is time to be escorted around some of the finest wineries in the area and even go on an underground wine cave tour. Tempt your pallet with this region’s best wines and dine on a sumptuous lunch at the famous Gibbston Valley Winery.

Wine gets taken to dizzying new heights

If jet boating is not your cup of wine then perhaps an unforgettable helicopter tour through the majestic snow-capped peaks of the impressive and breathtaking Southern Alps will do the trick. Not only will you gain an unprecedented view of the wine region from the air, but you will get to take in this stunning region of New Zealand in a truly adventurous yet refined way. It really is something being flown over the wineries and vineyards you will be soon visiting.

Nature trail walking – the perfect lifestyle accompaniment to a fine wine

For those who love nothing more than to stroll in nature along winding river beds that carve through a rich tapestry of indigenous terrain,  the Gibbston walk and wine tour is for you.

Meander at your own pace unaccompanied along one of the most beautiful and tranquil trails on the south island. Trek your way to the characteristic cellar doors for wine tasting after wine tasting and enjoy a picnic lunch wherever you choose. Washed down with a heavenly bottle of this region’s prized Rieslings, of course.

Queenstown offers the ultimate in wine tour packages for those looking to live a little of the James Bond lifestyle: Fine wines, fast boats, and helicopters all set in big-screen-quality surroundings.

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_wine

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