Christmas Wine Part 2 – Christmas Evening

Christmas Wine Part 2We’ve given you some good wine recommendations for Christmas afternoon, generally when everyone is eating lunch or pretty much dozing from the morning’s early events. Now let’s moveonto Christmas evening. Whether you’re serving up a ham, turkey or going all out with some prime rib or a goose, these suggestions will help make that meal even more memorable. And, seeing as how this is already going up on Christmas Day, these 2 beauties are available at any local grocery chain (which tend to be open until at least 6PM on Christmas Day, or at your local 7-Eleven (GASP!), which never ever close (poor bastards).

Beringer 2009 California Collection Pinot Grigio – $4.99 EverywhereBeringer Pinot Grigio

Hit up this cheap vino for only $4.99 a bottle practically anywhere. I think they even sell it at dry cleaners. Sharp acid, strong citrus fruit (white grapefruit topped with sugar), great lemongrass backend, and a low alcohol content (only about 11%) make this the perfect Christmas lunch wine. Just as the sun starts hanging high and the most depressing start of the year inches ever-closer, pop this puppy open and smile knowing you spent the same amount on weird Uncle Mort’s Christmas present.

Estancia ZinfandelEstancia Zinfandel 2007 – $8.99 to $10.99 in Grocery Stores

No American holiday would be complete without a solid, cheap Zinfandel. The not as commonly found in 7-Elevens, the Estancia Zinfandel can be found in most grocery stores. This baby brings a powerful blast of ripe cherries, chocolate sauce and some stiff herb action (heh-heh) on the palate, leading to a slightly acidic but long finish. Much longer than I’m used to for a Zin under $10. Definitely pair this with either the ham or prime rib. Might be a bit too robust for the turkey, but if you’re like me on the holidays, your tastebuds will be destroyed long before the sun goes down.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


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