Cheap New Years Champagne (Well sort of…)

Cheap New Years ChampagneThe title of this post is misleading, but not in a dangerous way. I’m not going to recommend a wine to you that’s laced with strychnine because the more of you that die off, the less readers I have. I vow to only ever recommend non-poisonous wines.

Wow that was rambling wasn’t it? Sorry about that.
We’re talking bubbles at Wine Welfare today, since New Years celebrations are arguably the best time to pop those mushroom corks. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, if you’ve got a tongue, you’ve got to like bubbly. Champagne, sparkling wine, Cava, whatever silly name you want to call it, bubbles make everyone smile and have a great time. Enjoying a good bottle of bubbly is a party experience from beginning to end. There’s the opening flourish of cork-popping that no other beverage offers you, then the wonderful look of the stuff in the glass, then the tingly, yeasty or sweet flavors bouncing around your mouth and then the raging hangover the next day. It’s magic.

So here are two awesome cheap bubbly suggestions for your New Years par-TAY. One Cava and one sweet (I think they stopped making under $20 Champagne in the 1980’s).

Mionetto Prosecco Brut NVMionetto Prosecco Brut

Proseccos are delicate, slightly sweet bubbles from Italy. They are perfect for non-discerning palates or people who just aren’t into the dry bubbles. However, this Prosecco’s genius comes from it giving a little of both worlds. For the serious, dry champagne lover, this is a brut Prosecco, which adds a little more yeastiness to the already sweet style. It’s not a sugar bomb by any means. Apple, dried apricot, almonds. Delicious with some bread desserts or just by itself. Fantastic.

$7.95 at


$9.99 at BevMo!

Conde Subirats Brut CavaConde de Subirats Cava Brut

A weird but ultimately awesome Cava. Cava is what Spain calls it’s Champagne. That’s all you need to know. Plus, this baby is under $10? Come on.

There is a delicious bread yeast element to this wine that grips and doesn’t let go. The carbonation is delicate and lasts the entirety of your glass. A good sign. Delicious pear and honeyed apple appear here next to a stinky sourdough baguette. Even a little hint of vinegar spice comes through. The tasting notes call it mustard, but I don’t quite agree. The acid from one tiny drop of white vinegar seems more apt. Overall, this is not one you should leave out of your bubbly list this New Years.

$9.99 at BevMo!

If you end up trying either of these beauties, please come back and let me know how they were in the comments! Have a fun, happy and safe New Years celebration!


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