Fleur du Cap 2007 Sauvignon Blanc

Fleur du Cap Sauvignon BlancI am continuing to recover from my post-Italy food, wine, and cheek-kissing hangover (Seriously, those people do more platonic kissing than you did in four years of high school.).  Anyway, I decided it was time to finally rage against the machine and provide another studly wine review. And so…

I don’t know what accounts for typical South African food fare, but this baby is made for grub. Rich and spicy grub, in particular.


Light gold, but much darker than your typical New Zealand or California Sauvignon Blanc. This bodes well, young Jedi.


Very pretty with a lot of cream and lemon/lime peel.


Right off the bat, great acid. For those who have read my reviews of white wine in the past, you know that I loves me some acid. Acid to the point of feeling bubbly and the walls begin to melt (Flashback!). Melon and a some pineapple with lemon juice. Then, as you reach the mid-palate, you can sense some green bell pepper, bitter garlic (huh?), some broccoli. In short: Green, green, green. Very full mouthfeel, almost oaky in its creaminess, but it was all steel. Overall, a very unexpected surprise.

With Food

Like I said earlier: Built for food. In fact, I wouldn’t drink this without some. Would actually work well with quite a few difficult-to-pair foods like traditional tacos (meaning meat, onion, cilantro, and non-jarred salsa, pendejo). Spicy Asian cuisine would be great, too. Curry, Tandoori chicken or spicy crab.

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