s|k|n Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Wine Review

SKN Cabernet SauvignonJust to get this out of the way, the “s|k|n” stands for “Screw Kappa Napa,” which is either an observation or an insult, depending on how you want to look at it. So there.

This was given to us as a gift for some babysitting my wife did for a friend. I love friends who give wine as payment for helping out. They go right to the top of the People You Should Always Help Out list.

Need to be picked up from the airport? No problem! I’m in a Pinot Noir mood this time.

Oh you’re moving and need a hand? You got it! It’s warm out so let’s go with a Riesling.

Emergency room? I’ll be right there! Just grab a bottle of that Liberty School Cabernet before you lose consciousness and I’ll pick you up out front.

Love those kinds of people.

Here is a breakdown of the S|K|N Cabernet Sauvignon:


Welch’s grape juice but looking a little young due to the clear rim upon tilting it in the glass.


Wow, BIG nose. Lot’s going on here and all mashed together. Cooked crimini mushrooms, slight smoke, bacon, some big ripe cherries. Very old world but a little heavy on the heat. Some isopropyl alcohol coming through.


Very meaty on the attack. Bold mouthfeel and flavor. Cherry, blackberry and some pie crust thrown in. You know what? This is like a cherry pie topped off with bacon. Whereas the nose held more smoke, the flavor concentrates on the bacon. Not the greatest concentration, but the wine is still delicious. The heavy alcohol is still there at the back of your palate. Tannins are weak but still somewhat present.

With Food

Definitely a meat wine. Although, some bacon-wrapped scallops or shrimp would work out very well. I wouldn’t go crazy with barbecue, though. Save that for the Syrahs. Broiled red meats or roast game.

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$7.99 at CrownWineandSpirits.com!

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