Liberty School Cuvee Wine Review

Liberty School CuveeYou’ve got to be kidding me…

This wine is a definite Best of 2010 contender, not just for the taste but for the ridiculous price they’re selling it at.

Okay, we’ve done the Liberty School Cabernet, the Liberty School Chardonnay and told you all about the Hope Family Wines story. These awesome people found the Cabernet review I did a couple of months ago and decided that in order to be revered as one of the most awesome wineries to ever exist, they had to get on Rightly so. I even have a page for applicants!

That said, you all know the story, so I’m not going to go into it anymore. I just can’t keep explaining every little thing to you people. My time is far too valuable and there is just too much vino to drink out there.

The Liberty School Cuvee is a rock star blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenach, Mourvedre and Viognier. Just think about all of the possible combinations you can get out of those, then think about the resulting wine being under $15, and you can see what we’re dealing with here.


Bright and not heavy. The nose and taste were rich but the color was not, despite the blend.


Very floral and bright. Every bright red fruit pops up here. Currants, cherries, raspberry, strawberry and smoke.


Far and away one of the best wines I’ve had in my life. I shared it out at dinner with my wife, step-dad and his wife, and let me tell you that I’m glad I did. For some reason, good wine just kicks more ass when you’re sharing it with people you care about. Bright red fruits and a real back-of-the-throat smoke come through, followed up by a stiff, velvety mid-palate with a shot of vanilla, finished off with firm but benevolent tannins, a little little leather, and a stewed prune notes. Out of this world structure, complexity and class. I still can’t believe the price.

With Food

As usual when I share wine with my family, we ate it with kabobs, gyros, hummus and the like. I’d recommend it with either nothing or a roast meat and game. Nothing else.

Where to Buy

$10.83 at!

2 Responses to “Liberty School Cuvee Wine Review”

  1. I rarely write reviews about anything, but then I rarely investigate a wine(s) on the internet. However, I purchased a bottle of this wine recently, fell in ‘love’ with it, checked back at my usual wine haunts, but could not find it. I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means, but I’ve been investigating reds for several years now starting with Pinot Noirs (traveled often to Oregon) for about 2 years, then, Merlots, Cabernets, Shiraz, Cabernets, Malbecs, and various reds. My description of ‘my’ perfect wine is ‘smooth’, ‘mellow’, soft, it makes me want to roll it around my tongue. And, due to economics, fifteen dollars is about my max expenditure. Anyway, to make a realllly long story short, turned on my fireplace for the 1st time this season, lit some fragrant candles, picked up my trashy novel (sometimes they’re perfect), opened my bottle of Cuvee. I was very curious, didn’t remember buying it, poured it into a very large fragile crystal brandy snifter, it felt right, swirled it around, and curled into a big chair. Eventually I picked it up, slowly swirled it around, it smelled soft, rich; the taste was heavenly, everything I like in a wine but rarely find, mellow, smooth going down, rich & satisfying. Could not stop drinking it that night. Although I generally only have a glass or two of wine at a time, I shamefully drank almost the whole bottle that evening, though did sit up late reading. No after effects the next day! ‘Now’ I need to find out where I bought that great bottle of wine, Amen!!!

  2. Wine Welfare Says:
    November 2, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Thanks so much for the comment, Joanne! I was actually away in Italy when it came in and my wife and I really enjoyed reading it. By far the most fun, descriptive and rewarding comment I’ve received yet. I hope you were able to find the wine again, either via my link or elsewhere. Let me know if you have it again and if it’s changed at all with a little more age.

    Hope you keep reading!



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