Koonowla Shiraz 2003 Wine Review

Koonowla Shiraz 2000The Koonowla Shiraz comes from the Clare Valley in South Eastern? Australia. We tasted this at the Ojai Beverage Company along with a slew of others, including the Wooden Nickel Petite Sirah. I’m going to review it, but I really want you all to know that if one word could summarize this wine, it would be “syrup.” Thick and chewy.

Get your floss ready folks because we’re going in.


Well, I said it up there: Syrup. Thick black, rich syrup. Boysenberry and motor oil. A nice glass of 10W40.


We’ve got another violent wine here. A giant purple hand reaches out of the glass, but it doesn’t just lightly flutter in front of your nose to waft up some delicate aromas, no. This thing slaps you across your face and then grabs your nose, giving it a nice hard twist. Then it screams at you: “Smell this, you pansy!!”


If you enjoy these bombastic fruit nukes, than we’ve found a wine under $20 for you. Thick, chewy prunes, dates, blackberry fruit roll-ups and black pepper. The varietal characteristics that are meant to be there are all present, they’re just wearing size 15 black army boots and stomping all over your face. The fruit dominates and leaves little room for tannins or any real progression or structure. What I’m saying is, the mid-palate and finish are the same as the front. I mean, this stuff is so thick and heavy that—if you are a male—you should be careful not to spill any on your privates. You’ll be writhing on the floor in agony for a few minutes.

With Food

This wine would actually be good with food from a freshness standpoint because it’s probably violent enough to slaughter an animal and clean it for you. Just bring in a cow and pour some of this into it’s trough. Wait a few minutes and the cow will be a nice pile of steaks.

Seriously though, I hope you’ve got mouth insurance.

Where to Buy

$19.99 per bottle at Southern Hemisphere Wine Center, or $14.99 per bottle if you buy 6!

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