Twisted Chardonnay 2008 Wine Review

Twisted Chardonnay Cheap Wine ReviewThe Twisted Chardonnay isn’t exactly what I look for in a cheap Chardonnay ($5.99? Who am I, Bill Gates?) but it was still pretty freaking good. That last sentence was a joke, by the way. This actually is Bill Gates writing this review. I’m not just all about computers and software, you know. Triple threat!

But seriously: Buy Microsoft products.*


Pale straw as opposed to rich golden. You know what? I’ve been using the same damn 5 terms to describe the colors of Chardonnay for the past year. Let’s change it up with help from

The color of this Chardonnay is more of an anemic silage rather than fatty aurelian. Thank YOU,


Hmmm. Lot of rock in this one, but I can’t pick out what kind. If anyone here is an expert on how different rocks smell, please let me know. Anyhoo, some good lemon and a bit of cream Methinks this might not have had too much oak, which is good.


Delicious is the first thing that comes to mind. The wine is velvety but with a stark crispness (again, evidence of little or no oak). The same flavors from the nose: lemon and cream. The wine mingles and never really processes onto something else. A bit of a one-trick pony, but still tasty nonetheless. The finish stacks up with some $10 Chards so this is a good deal based on that alone.

With Food

Have to go with fish here. Not sure if this could contend with buttery shellfish or creamy sauces (despite the cream flavors), but give it try if you’re the adventurous type (it’s a big risk pairing wine with food, you know). Hard cheeses might stack up as well, but don’t go too stinky. A good pool wine until the heat dissipates.

Where to Buy

$5.99 on Club Bev at BevMo!, $7.99 if you’re not on Club Bev (It’s a free card, people. Pull it together).

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*Do not buy Microsoft products. They are the stuff of nightmares.

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