Montevina Barbera 2008 Wine Review

Montevina BarberaThis wine won a 2010 Best of Class award at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition and is currently featured at the L.A. County Fair in the wine tasting area. So you may be asking if, in my opinion, is that award deserved (because I know you care about what I think)?

The answer is a resounding “YES”. In fact, it’s going on the “Best of 2010” list here on Wine Welfare, which seems to be fast-becoming a list of 15 or 20 instead of my original idea for 10, but that’s a good thing. More on the Wine Welfare Best of 2010 list later, but I will say that I am going to need some readers to get involved and cast some votes.

On to the wine:


Deep, dark, rich brilliance. Mash up some black cherries and add some ripe blackberry juice for a match. Gorgeous.


I don’t often agree with the winery notes for a wine, but I have to agree here: Cherry Coke. It comes through strong with nuances of tobacco.


Stunning mouthfeel. Velvet cherry with bright cola and caramel flavors. Spot-on structure with great fruit and tannins attacking in the front, the mid-palate is where you can literally taste the velvet, and the finish is a final spike of cherry with some dirt and a touch of tobacco. The wine isn’t quite a beast, but is rather understated. It doesn’t throw it all in too quickly; it takes it’s time and just FLOWS. An extremely pleasing wine for a varietal that is scarce in California, much less delicious.

With Food

Rich red meat or a slow-cooked red sauce. I wouldn’t mess with cheese or fruit with this one. Rare lamb, ostrich (check out the Hitching Post if you’re in California) or high high quality filet mignon is what you need with this baby.

Where to Buy

$7.99 at BevMo! if you’re a ClubBev member, $9.99 without ClubBev.

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