Liberty School Chardonnay 2007 Wine Review

Liberty School ChardonnayThis is not the first review of a Hope Family Wine that we’ve done here at Wine Welfare. We hit their Liberty School Cab a while back.

This is, however, the first review of a Hope Family Wine since their awesome production coordinator sent me a sample of their wines for review. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “They sent you their wines for free, so you’re just going to do great reviews of them all in the hopes of getting something new in the future.”

Wrong. Well…right. But WRONG. Oh, so wrong.

I’ve always prided myself on my honesty, particularly when it comes to this site. I make no money off of it (despite the ads) and I do it as a labor of love. If I think a wine quite frankly sucks some form of animal genitalia, I’m going to tell you. Keeping that image in mind, let’s get into the Liberty School 2007 Chardonnay.


Beautiful gold . Watered down Red Bull, though I know that doesn’t sound exactly appetizing. The “shinyness” of this wine is striking.


Thick and vanilla. Delicious pineapple and hearty caramel breaking through. Not a soft nose by any means. This does not smell like it’s going to be on the acidic Chardonnay side. 75% of the fruit was barrel-fermented in 10% new American and French oak while the other 25% was in stainless steel. Smelling that way.


Rich, saucy and bright, but not too much butter. The tropical flavors really hit home here with pineapple, vanilla-lime (yeah, I know, but lime is what I tasted) and some really awesome apple and pear Jelly Bellys. The wine is not confused as the structure is solid. Fruit in the front, not much acid, all leading toward the rich mid-palate and finally finishing with some of those caramel notes and the alcohol coming through. Very very full mouthfeel, like you’re drinking a Boston cream pie. Fantastic.

With Food

Go on the light side as the wine is too heavy for heavy white foods. Avoid your cream sauces and overly buttered shellfish. Simply grilled crab, shrimp or white fish, pastas in olive oil, mild cheeses and fresh tart fruits. Try pears, specifically.

Where to Buy

Obviously at the winery, but other than that, $8.99 at

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