Wine Review: Ventana Dry Rosado 2008

Ventana Dry RosadoAt the end of the year I plan on doing a ten best wine list that encompasses the best wines we’ve reviewed on Wine Welfare this year. Get this, I’m planning on calling it “The Best Under$20-10”. Get it? Alright, so maybe I won’t, but it will have a clever name dammit. Anyway, I mention this now because we have a surefire candidate for one of the top ten today. Let’s get into it.

The Ventana Dry Rosado is a definite winner. I had never heard of Ventana and I barely knew where Arroyo Seco was before buying it (despite visiting Monterey, for God’s sake). Back to the point, this wine is a stud. I’m not even sure it should be referred to as a Rose, as every Rose I’ve had before is a crying little girl compared to this. Perhaps that’s why they used “Rosado” as the specific name. I’ll have to look it up.


Cranberry juice cocktail. Deep rich ruby. Stiff for a Rose, but like I said, it’s a stud. Red wine is often referred to as ruby in color. I disagree. Look at a ruby and tell me if the color is more like a Gamay or this wine. You’ll see what I mean.


Skunk. Pure skunky cherry and cranberry notes. It dominates the nose. Tart strawberry, moldy blueberry, dry carpet.


More tart but juicy as can be. This is explosive strawberry, cranberry and some gasoline. Almond sneaks in to finish you off. Huge mouthfeel like velvet. This is not Granny’s $5 Rose.

With Food

Give it it’s due. Don’t pair this with just salad or fish or even light chicken as you would a typical Rose. We’re talking 10% Syrah and 90% Grenache here, left to soak with the skins longer than usual for a Rose. Stiffen things up by putting some time of slightly darker sauce on the chicken or fish. Actually, now that I think about it, grilled fish or chicken with lime and salsa, or even a good ceviche would work perfectly with this. Hey, look at that! Another wine that works with Mexican food, and from the most unlikely of varietals.

Where to Buy

$18 at, which by the way is an awesome little wine store right nextdoor to the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas. Go get some culture and then get buzzed off the beautiful wines Monterey has to offer.

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