Sogrape “Gazela” Vinho Verde 2009 Wine Review

Gazela Vinho VerdeWe’ve done only one other Vinho Verde wine review here at Wine Welfare, so we figured it was high-time for another. Not sure why we haven’t done more, since Vinho Verde is one of the best value wines around (generally coming in at under $8). It’s a Portuguese play on some of their native varietals and never ceases to amaze me. Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how cowardly American consumers are when it comes to a wine that isn’t from California or doesn’t have the words “White” and “Zinfandel” somewhere in the name. If you all only knew that there was a white wine (that’s a bit sparkly, too!) out there often for less than $5. Schmucks.

Anyway, I came here to review, so review I must.


Water. Maybe with a little lemon juice squeezed in to make it look a bit “off” but Vinho Verdes are always near-clear.


Since we’re working with slight bubbles here, you get a spritzy shot of lemon along with some stone fruit scents. Peach, apricot, maybe a little honeydew melon. Then a slight sour stink.


This one beats the Broadbent Vinho Verde we reviewed previously (link above) simply due to the mouthfeel. It’s perfect. Not too over the top with good creamy lemon and bubbles that are barely-there, but can still be tasted. The wine has a very crisp flavor that makes you really want to pucker up and swish it around. Good finish of that stone fruit I mentioned in the nose with an appealing dry character.

With Food

Definitely a food-friendly wine. Seafood, to be more specific. Nothing too buttery, though, as this might not be up to the battle against fat. Better for grilled seafood with vegetables.

Where To Buy

$3.99 at!

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2 Responses to “Sogrape “Gazela” Vinho Verde 2009 Wine Review”

  1. I’m late to this party, but I have to say that I discovered Gazela last fall when I was in Lisbon (Portugal, duh) and LOVED it. When I found out I could buy it here in the US (for cheap, yo) I REALLY loved it. Great taste, excellent with seafood or chicken, or just sitting on the redwood deck of the double-wide sipping from a Flintstones glass.

  2. […] crisp, and very green scents. We’ve been here before, so this is to be expected. Since Vinho Verde isn’t allowed to mature, it’s bouquet is very […]

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