Oreana Syrah 2007 Wine Review

Oreana Syrah 2007 wine reviewDidn’t buy this wine, it was given to me at a party where it was being served. Delicious, straightforward and structured. I should point out that it’s been impossible to find this wine for under $20, but I met the winemaker and they do sell it at their tasting room for just that price, but it may not last forever. Be warned! Dramatic, eh?


Great violet color, vibrant and looks well-made from the start.


Wow, tropical fruits: Pineapple, papaya, what the hell is this? Some tobacco and red fruit is there, but I can’t make out what.


Holy crap, the tropical fruit is still there. The pineapple, the papaya. This tastes like one of those orange juice combo drinks they make. Almost Sunny Delight-ish, if you can believe that. I don’t know quite how to describe this. I want to say “fruit-forward” but I’m used to the usual red fruits. Those red fruits are there, but not in any force at all. And all along with these strange fruits comes structure. The tannins are weak, but they are there. No hollowness, and a great finish of cherry mixed with pineapple. Like a sorbet.

With Food

You know, I wouldn’t mess with this one. This is far too unique and complex to be a food wine. ‘Nuf said.

Where to Buy

Under $20 at the winery: http://www.oreanawinery.com/.

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