Fuerza Torrontes Blancos 2009 Wine Review

Fuerza Blancos wine reviewAnother Trader Joe’s find that’s definitely worth a look. Cheap Torrontes is generally easy to find, but not at $4.


A delicious off-white that looks crisp and refreshing.


Floral, apple and pear. You can smell the crispness and it looks made for seafood.


Look at that, I was right! Matter of fact, I’m always right. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Honeysuckle, pear and acidic apple juice. Good acid, but no real structure. The wine is all over the place but at least the fruit is narrowed. As usual for these under $5 wines, there is no finish other than the end of the bottle.

With Food

Would work with fish, but not shellfish. This wine can’t stand up. Tilapia, some grilled snapper with a Mexican-style rice would do quite well.

Where to Buy

About $4 at Trader Joe’s.

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One Response to “Fuerza Torrontes Blancos 2009 Wine Review”

  1. Can not disagree more. I’m not a big white wine drinker but this was great. And for that price? I wasn’t expecting much- maybe that’s the key. But I love it. Will go back for more and keep it around as a summer favorite.

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