Francis Ford Coppola Presents Shiraz 2007

Francis Ford Coppola Presents ShirazHad this at a recent gathering, so I’ll tell you what I remember about this cheap vino. It was delicious, though, I can say that for sure.


Deep, dark, inky, rich.


Plum, cherry, wooden chair and some cigar. A big, bombastic nose. Such is the case with Shiraz.


Full-bodied as hell. Hard to find a Shiraz review that doesn’t note how big and fruit-bomby these wines are. The plum and cherry really powers through, though I have to admit the mid-palate was, well, lacking. It’s as if the wine disappeared for a moment and then reappeared in the form of saddle leather and too much alcohol, leaving an unpleasant caramel taste on the tongue. Not quite the finish we want.

With Food

Good food wine, seeing as how it needs something to fill in those gaps. I’d stay away from fruits and cheese and go with entrees. Try some sort of breakfast-cut beef, something thin, maybe with some tomato sauce. Veal is too delicate, but a thin carne asada taco would work well, as strange as it sounds.

Where to Buy

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