Beringer Founders Estate Chardonnay 2008 Wine Review

Beringer Founders Estate Chardonnay Wine ReviewAlright, let me start with full disclosure: I bought this cheap wine at a 7-Eleven. There, I said it. Think of me what you will. This is a Beringer wine, which initially makes me worry, but I was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t the cheapest Chardonnay Beringer makes, but it’s probably the best for under $10. The funny thing is that I can’t find it any cheaper online. It was $6.99 at the old 7-El, and the cheapest I’ve found it online is $7.48.

I’ll just stop talking now.


It’s $7 Beringer Chardonnay. It’s gold in color. What else do you want? Maybe I should eliminate this section since looking at the color of under-$10 wines is kind of ridiculous.


GREAT NOSE. Wow, this was completely unexpected. Full scent with some great peach and lemon notes. You can even smell the wood, though I’m not sure if they aged this in oak at all.


A solid, solid wine. Acid that isn’t over the top, good fruit, and a textbook structure. The alcohol level is perfect for the flavors or creamy almond and buttery stone fruit. The lemon isn’t there, but it’s been replaced with this weird caramelly flavor that reminds you of the wine’s price. There is no finish other than a little residual heat. Still, completely solid for a hot summer day.

With Food

This is uncomfortable, but I can’t really find anything to pair it with. I ate fish with it, and it just didn’t work. My mouth ended up tasting the way a dock smells. Maybe some of you like that. I’ll be honest and just say that this wine should be popped towards the end of the party when you just need to have another glass.

Where to Buy

7-Eleven (ahem) like I said, but it’as also $7.48 at

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