2 Great Summer White Wines, and Excuses for the Lack of Posting

Summer WineYou can thank some God-forsaken summer bug for the delay in posts the past week or so. I was too busy hacking my lungs out and not keeping meals down to write any new gems of wine wisdom here at the old WW. But now I’m back and ready to dig into some bottles.

I should warn you though, the posts may come fast and furious at first. Eight days without wine for a guy who really LOVES wine is painful. Not heroin-withdrawal painful, but I still ended up yelling at everyone who offered me water or juice. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about my EPIC BATTLE AGAINST THE COMMON COLD so I’ll just move onto some wine:

P.S. The reviews are going to be pretty condensed since I want to plow through a lot in the next week or so. Don’t like it? Send me an email so I can curse at you directly.

Trinity Oaks Pinot Grigio 2008Trinity Oaks Pinot Grigio

Good sweating wine. Put this on ice, wait until you’re blazing hot after floating in the pool for too long, then pour yourself a glass of this instead of a margarita. The flavors are concentrated and well-wrought. Nothing goes by unnoticed in this Pinot Grigio.  Lime cream with good acid and some caramel. It’s still good even if it warms up a bit once you pass out on your raft.

$5.99 at MadWine.com!

Query Riesling 2009

White fruits, including some honeydew, with an explosive flavor. Solid sweetness that can push it a bit, but still very very good. Apple acidity and some great sort of almond aftertaste. I can’t wait to get sunburned pounding a bottle of this juice.

$14.99 for 2 at the BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale!

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