World Cup Wine: 3 South African Vinos Under $20

world cup 2010We’re a week into the World Cup and it’s time to pair some cheap wine with some football. In honor of the 2010 World Cup being held in South Africa, we’re doing some cheap wine reviews of only South African wines. We might even stick to South Africa only until the final match. Until then, pop one of these babies around 7 AM and enjoy the rare pleasure of being buzzed before noon. GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!

foundry viognier - cheap wine review

The Foundry Viognier 2006

Yellow-green and very bright. Looks very refreshing. Lot’s of honeysuckle and citrus with a strong burst of apricot. Good rockiness on the back-end that leads to a crisp finish. A good hot summer white to enjoy with the TV outside.

WHERE TO BUY$8.99 at!

Fair Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2009fair valley sauvignon blanc - cheap wine review

Apple freshness with very bright acidity. Good creamy lime flavors come through once it’s not so chilled, making this great for grilled chicken or fish with lime and some salsa.

WHERE TO BUY: $7.01 at!

jam jar sweet shiraz - cheap wine reviewJam Jar Sweet Shiraz 2004

This is a weird one. There aren’t a lot of sweet red wines out there that aren’t fortified or taste like spiked Kool-Aid, but this one was actually pretty tasty. It fits into the summer heat thanks to the sweetness. But don’t let the name or my use of “sweetness” throw you. This isn’t sugary or syrupy, but only slightly sweet. Not a regular Shiraz, but not a straight-up dessert wine. Great juicy plums and maraschino cherries. Still a few tannins in there, but I would leave this for after the meal.

WHERE TO BUY: $11.89 at!

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