Arrow Creek Chardonnay 2008

Arrow Creek ChardonnayColor

Solid. A pleasant, mellow gold.


Strong rock. Some Emmentaler cheese. Cut raw potato (that’s new!). Oak.


Hello fire in the mouth cradled in swaddling oak. This stuff is supercharged oak. Puuuuuure Cali. I’m getting some wet rocks and some intersting almond and marzipan flavors, but it’s all out-gunned by our woody friend. Full, FULL mouthfeel. Almost too filling. Chardonnay cake comes to mind. Not a Summer-Sipping white. Intense finish that leaves you begging for a glass of water.

With Food

Buttery white foods only. Alfredo sauces and shellfish. This thing could melt cheese. Woof.

Where to Buy

$10.21 at!

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  1. Great chardonnay, awesome!

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