2010 Malibu Calabasas Food & Wine Festival

Wine Welfare is heading to the 4th Annual Malibu Calabasas Food & Wine Festival this Saturday, June 19th at the Calabasas Inn. We’ll be tasting wines from over 200 wineries, beers from 20 different breweries, foods prepared by local chefs and more!

Going to try and live tweet the event a bit, but we all know how that went with the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival this past April. Anyway, it’s still worth it to check out our Twitter page.

I’m even going to try and get a live Twitter feed up on the homepage here so you can follow along.

Reviews of how the whole party shakes down next week (hopefully)!


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4 Responses to “2010 Malibu Calabasas Food & Wine Festival”

  1. This was the possibly the worst Food and Wine festival I have ever attended. Could not get into the building to where the chefs were featuring their food since there was apparently no attendance monitoring – the fire department closed the venue down for over an hour. No where to just buy a glass of wine. So sips of wine, followed by waiting for more sips to be poored, with no food all day – except a hot dog stand where the line was 25 yards long, 3 people deep. I bought my ticket anticipating the food tasting – with the wine. We were so dispappointed, we left and went into Malibu for dinner. Dont go to this event if you enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine or if you would like to try chef’s cooking techniques.

  2. Wine Welfare Says:
    June 21, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks for commenting, Molly!

    While I can’t say this was the worst festival I’ve been to (I’ve only been to a few), I agree that it could have been planned a bit better. To have the bulk of the food inside a small room with only a 180-person capacity by order of the Fire Marshall was a bit odd. They knew they would have upwards of 1000 + people there, so it should have been more spread out.

    As for buying a glass of wine, I always go to these things with the expectation of trying many many different wines, rather than buying a single glass. I also go to meet the interesting people behind the wines, connect a bit, etc. Unfortunately some people just want to relax with a glass, but that’s always difficult at these crowded events. Hopefully you were able to get your tickets through a discount site for less money!

    Overall I felt it was a pretty good event, just poorly executed when it came to the number of people actually showing up. I hope it doesn’t keep you from other wine festivals as they can be a BLAST! By the way, one reason why I actually preferred this festival over some of the others I’ve been to is that they give you enough time to actually TRY everything. 5 hours is great, whereas the other festivals I’ve been to only give you 2-3 hours. Much more time to meet and actually get to know some people.

    Thanks for reading and hope to see you at a future event at some point!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Molly, and I have gone to many wine festivals in the past (Napa, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara) so I have several comparators. This was the WORST wine event, paid or unpaid, that I’ve ever attended. It was poorly organized and disastrous. I witnessed a few inebriated folks jump in their cars in search of food because there was none left despite that this festival was billed as a wine AND food event. I hope those folks made it home ok.

    I invited a friend as my guest, who drove all the way from Temecula. She should have skipped the commute, saved the gas and just wine tasted there. Upon our arrival at this event, I was shocked and embarrassed by what we encountered after promising my friend a good time despite her long commute.

    We sipped wine for approximately 45 minutes, then waited in a non-moving line for about 1 1/2 hours until folks exiting the hall told us the food was all gone and we shouldn’t bother waiting around. I waited another hour to speak with the man in charge (Alan), who was mysteriously missing in action. I then asked to speak with the “second in the command,” who made eye contact with me, then hid from my view. I, along with several dissatisfied patrons, left our names and contact information requesting a refund. No attempt has been made by Alan or anyone else from his organization (Barcelona) to redress my concerns. Complete radio silence. The lack of organization, professionalism and response to patrons’ concerns is unacceptable. The fact that I had to spend more money on top of my pricey tickets just to get a bite to eat was extremely frustrating and disappointing.

    Needless to say, I will not be attending this event in the future and I will not feel shy about sharing my experience with others.

  4. […] Cantara got it’s start by getting away with what I’ve been arrested for: Making wine in your home’s garage. I guess they threw fewer “Chug from the Barrel!” parties. They even named it after the neighborhood they used to concoct this hooch in. My wife and I found them while staying at the awesome Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA. We were desperate to taste some vinos and plugged “winery” into our GPS and , low and behold, a winery tasting room popped up in the midst of a non-descript office park. Seriously, you drive toward the area they are located in and you begin wondering whether you are actually visiting a tasting room or going to complain at a Time Warner Cable satellite office. It was there that we found the Ventura County Wine Trail brochure and learned that it crawls all the way up to Ojai, where we found more small wineries and tasting rooms (more on that later). Since then we were able to taste their delicious wines a second time at the Malibu/Calabasas Food & Wine Festival. […]

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