Three Saints Chardonnay 2005

From the Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara County, CA comes a delicious cheap Chardonnay with some bossy flavors.

COLOR: Pale and not much to it. Very surprising for the flavors you’re about to read about.

NOSE: Flower, flowers flowers. It’s rare that we find a floral nose here on Wine Welfare, nevermind a cheap wine. Most value wines don’t exude floral scents or flavors. Now, if you want me to dig into the actual type of flower, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

TASTE: Very, very full mouthfeel that coats your tongue like nobody’s business. It’s like wine-Pepto-Bismol. You know how that crap coats your stomach or whatever? That’s what this wine does. The fruit is getting pushed aside by the mouthfeel. The mouthfeel is the ass**** on the subway who just shoves you to the side so he can grab the handle. If the fruit were to fight back, you’d taste some delicious canteloupe, pear, almond cream and (I think) a little nectarine. Acid is there as well, but again, it’s being slapped by the thickness. Not the most balanced Chardonnay I’ve had, but it’s still pretty buttery for this price.

WHERE TO BUY: $9.99 at!

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