Ravenswood 2004 Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel Wine Review

Ravenswood is a Zinfandel institution. They basically put California Zinfandel on the map and for good reason. Most of their fruit comes from the Lodi region and the Old Vine Zinfandel is no exception. They also put cheap Zinfandel on the map, which is why they are one of my Personal Hero Wineries. Cheap wine is what I live for. Hey, I think I just thought of a new section for the website.

COLOR: Cranberry juice cocktail with a little added thickness. This stuff even looks tart.

NOSE: Cranberries coming through along with a backbone of overripe cherries. Smells very fresh for a six-year-old wine.

TASTE: Those overripe cherries have corrected themselves and become stewed. We’ve also got some plums making an appearance, underscored by a nice shot of chocolate in the mid-palate. Since when does that happen in a Zinfandel?
This sucker is big and beefy. It’s like seeing a 5-foot tall 130 lb. dude walk into your garage and lift up your car. Then some black pepper finishes things off and lasts for days.
Come to think of it, this wine is pretty freaky. I’m going to stop talking about it now.

WITH FOOD: I’m too frightened at this point, so I’ll make this quick: Duck, steak, buffalo, venison and maybe even turkey (runs out of the room).

WHERE TO BUY: $13.99 at PacificWineClub.com!

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