Memorial Day Wine: Jarhead Red

In the midst of the vacations to the beach or mountains, the family barbecues, and the huge lines in the supermarkets, we tend to forget that Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those we have lost at war in America’s brief history.

It’s also a holiday for drinking.

With both of those in mind, we’re reviewing Jarhead Red wine. Jarhead Red was created by Winegrower and former USMC Captain, Adam Firestone and Vineyard Foreman and former USMC Sergeant, Ruben Dominguez. All net proceeds go to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, a foundation that has honors the service of the Marine Corps by educating their children. Over 24,000 scholarships have been given to deserving students, including 1,405 for this past academic year.

So you can get a nice buzz going while knowing you’re helping some folks out.

Here are the notes from the winemakers: Jarhead Red is a robust, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. It was aged in French oak barrels for eight months. It offers flavors of plum, cassis and black currant with fine tannins on the finish. Jarhead Red is available in 750ml (the Rifleman) and 1.5L (the Sergeant). Occassional availability on larger formats including 3.0L (the Sergeant Major) and 5.0L (the Commandant).

COLOR: Like the man says above: “Robust.” The color kicks things off by being tough, rich, and dark.

NOSE: Great dark cherries on the nose with a hit of leather boot. There is also some vanilla coming through.

TASTE: Your mouth is Iwo Jima and this wine is the Marines. This thing is a delicious stomper. The initial onslaught is in the form of those leather bootstraps digging into mud. Then come the cherries (I tried to come up with a good analogy for Marines and cherries, but it just seems insulting no matter how you spin it). Ripe, juicy fruit combined with an insanely big mouthfeel. Reinforcements in the form of tannins come in to pummel your tongue one last time until you have no choice but to surrender. You’re finished and Iwo Jima has been taken.

WITH FOOD: I may be on a no-beef kick right now, but damned if this stuff wouldn’t be delicious with a rare steak. Not a cheese and fruit wine. Serve this with something tough enough to handle it.

WHERE TO BUY: $8.99 at or at your local Henry’s Farmers Market!


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