Edna Valley Vineyards 2006 Syrah Paragon Valley

We’ve done a cheap wine review on the Edna Valley Pargaon Chardonnays across two vintages, but now it’s time to move onto the reds.
COLOR: We’re back to boysenberry syrup. A nice rich purple with hues of garnet caught in the light. I’m telling you folks, pay attention to the color of your wine; it can tell you a lot.
NOSE: Here we go, getting into something interesting, and from a large, non-boutique winery. Cedar, forest floor and picture someone spilling a canister of cracked black pepper onto a basement floor.
TASTE: Solid fruit. This was not the fruit explosion I was expecting, but it was still jammy. Blackcurrant preserves, sour cherry and then comes the balance of all that black pepper. The only downside I could find is that the wine lacks backbone. Meaning absolutely no tannins. It’s almost like an octopus: brilliant, fascinating animal that can do so much, but with no bones, no solid support. The lack of tannins makes my brain assume that this is nothing more than juice, as though they didn’t even ferment it. Still, the lip-smacking tastiness of this wine cannot be denied.
WITH FOOD: Some would say the lack of tannins does not matter so long as the flavor is there, but when it comes to finding a good dish to go with it, we find this wine’s weakness. Because of that absence of “tannic tightness,” this wine becomes difficult to pair. So I would say that this is not so much a food wine as a wine to enjoy on its own. Perhaps as a go-to bottle, or maybe with a cheese and fruit appetizer.
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