Barra Organic Pinot Grigio 2007

While there is still a large section of the winemaking industry that produces wines minus organic or sustainable practices (mostly the larger, corporate wineries), the majority of boutique and smaller wineries have all adopted sound environmental practices.

What’s ironic (and great) is that many of the wines we have reviewed in the past year have actually been wines produced organically and sustainably. We’ve even tasted a wine whose winemaker used sheep to weed his vineyards (it was over $20 so we couldn’t review it, but it’s called Osso Libre).

But enough of that for now, on to the Barra Organic Pinot Grigio:

COLOR: A nice, off-clear white. Don’t know how else to describe it besides my favorite description: lemon water.

NOSE: Tight, a little lacking. Some sour green apple and, if you can believe this, green Sour Patch Kids. That’s what popped into my head. And I don’t even like Sour Patch Kids.

TASTE: Very crisp with a strong pear element. Good flowers breeze up to your nose through the mouth. The balance is there, but that’s about it. The wine is a big fat yawn for the most part. It’s attractive because it touts “Organic” on the label (something few wineries do, even if they are organic), but beyond eliminating the guilt you might have felt destroying the environment with every sip, the wine is pretty basic.

WITH FOOD: As Pinot Grigios go, it’s a great appetizer wine with some thick cheese or a shellfish starter. Not really a solid dinner wine.

WHERE TO BUY: $16.99 at!


I’m thinking about promoting a specific section on Wine Welfare for organic or sustainably produced wines. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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