Koehler Riesling 2007

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Cheap wine under $20 is hard enough to find, so the Koehler Riesling is definitely welcome here at Wine Welfare.

COLOR: Textbook lemony water. Not quite clear, not quite yellow. There’s something reassuring about that.
NOSE: Crisp, tight citrus. A dash of minerality but not much else. Nothing too explosive here.
TASTE: Champagne flavors upon the first taste. Biting, yeasty and a sense of carbonation. Then crisp, refridgerated apples and some granite comes in. I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk here, but I have tasted wet rock before, some of it granite, and so there you go. The wine is fairly well-structured, but it’s missing a mid-palate. We’ve got the beginning and the end. The finish is not much of a stretch, but at least the flavors don’t simply evaporate into thin air. The final aftertaste is green olives. What’s that about?
WITH FOOD: This would work quite well with a stinky brie and some stone fruit. If you want to pair it with a dinner, I would reccomend a spicy Indian or Thai dish; maybe curry or some tandoori chicken. This is one of those Rieslings that can handle the spicier foods thanks to the minerality.

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