Hangtime Pinot Noir 2007

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Lick A Mountain, You’ve Got This Wine

COLOR: Liquefied raspberry jam. A little darker than usual for a Pinot Noir, but at least you can still see your fingers through it.

NOSE: Wet rock, dark overripe strawberries and raspberry. Reminded me of something that I could not place until the taste…

TASTE: So, to preface, this is technically a Burgundy, so that explains a lot of what I’m about to say. Ok, this baby is pure rock. Some might say granite, but let’s not get all frutti-tutti-tasting-note here and just say rock. The scent I couldn’t place that arrived on tasting was a camping morning. You know, a stiff chill in the air, you dread getting out of the tent, much less the sleeping bag, everything shriveling, dead campfire smells with pine and a lot of dirt and rock. Very very interesting. Then the fruit comes through. Stiff cherries, which is rather odd for a Pinot since it’s meant to be lighter. Merlots, Cabernets, Syrahs, these are the wines meant to have strong cherry flavors, but Pinots are supposed to be more strawberry-focused. Weak acid and a somewhat short finish, but still, all in all, not bad for under $12.

WITH FOOD: Because of the rock flavors, it almost mimics minerality with red wine tannins, meaning this works very well with Ahi Tuna. I don’t know about pairing it with red meat, per se, so I wouldn’t go farther than pork. A little too much rock for duck or chicken.

WHERE TO BUY: $11.89 at RyeBrookWines.com!

WINERY WEBSITE: http://www.hangtimewines.com

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