OMG: Under-$20 Bordeauxs (Yes, You Heard Me)

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God Listened and Lowered Prices

Hello, fellow Wine Welfare recipients! Hope all is well with you in your worlds, and in your pocketbooks/wallets, of course. I wanted to let you in on a SPECTACULAR deal from that isn’t really so much a sale as a great selection of Bordeaux (yes, actual BORDEAUX wines) for under $20!

If you have read this site at all, you know that I love Old World wines with their musty fruit, cow poop and barnyard scents, muscle, delicacy and the undeniable lack of oak masking. Basically, if the wine stinks, I’m going to love it. It’s just the way some palates work.

The other thing you know for sure if you have read this site is how often the great under-$20 deals we link to are on They consistently have the best prices around and it seems like they are always offering free shipping (and I have to say again that I wish they had an affiliate program). I mentioned a snow sale they were having just a couple of weeks ago, but this is different.

Wine Library has put together a spectacular list of under-$20 Bordeauxs, wines that are normally unheard of at that price point. It almost doesn’t matter which one you choose. It’s Bordeaux and it’s less than $20. So don’t be cheap bastards and pass up a great deal. I’m not sure how long this insanely awesome list will last.



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