Chateau Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux

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I Think They Forgot the Grapes

NOTE: We decanted this for about an hour before tasting.

COLOR: Deep musty red. Looks lighter than most Bordeauxs.

NOSE: Even with decanting, this is a tight nose. You can pick up some cherry and a bit of wet earth, but that’s it.

TASTE: A little flat upon intake. No explosion of anything here, which is expected for Old World wines like Bordeaux, but come on, Ballan-Larquette. This should taste like something fruit-related. I mean, we’ve got the dirt again, some good tannins, but nothing else. No real structure. The finish would be good, if there were something to finish. I guess I’ll admit that there were some faint cherry flavors, but nothing I could describe as delicious. To manipulate one of my favorite phrases from the 80s: “Where’s the fruit??”

WITH FOOD: Well, based on the lack of fruit, how about a nice bowl of steam? Perhaps leaving it out and enjoying it with a steak would wake things up.

WHERE TO BUY: $19.99 at Bevmo, though you may find it cheaper in local shops.

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3 Responses to “Chateau Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux”

  1. Sorry you did not get the expected pleasure from Ch Ballan-Larquette.
    You were right decanting it.
    Suggested service temperature : 16-18°C.
    Yes, pairing with a steak is a good idea.
    No, we did not forget the grapes…
    We try to get the best from them.
    I hope your next Bordeaux experience will be more satisfactory.
    Best regards,
    Régis Chaigne

    Ps : hopefully, I found at least a consumer in CA appreciating Ch Ballan-Larquette :

  2. Thanks to your interest in Ch Ballan-Larquette, it was a pleasure to share a dinner with Angela & you in LA !
    Blogging, social networking led up to a nice meeting in the real life : magic !
    Enjoy Bordeaux !

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