What Wine Goes With Pizza?

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Pizza and Wine: A Match Made in Super Bowl Heaven (Go Saints)

This one should be a no-brainer. I’m serious, if you’re reading this and you have never had a slice of pizza and glass of wine, you’re about to have your tongue rocked off (you should also be tarred and feathered for an incredible lack of experience). Pizza is one of the best foods to have with wine. Think about it:

Bread + Red Sauce + Cheese + Cured Meats + (Occasional) Vegetables + (Occasional) Fruits = PIZZA

Is there a single damn think in that equation that is not often paired with wine? I submit there is not.

Also, you will notice below that I’m not suggesting actual brands to go with pizza, as I think it is more valuable, and more of an educational experience to only suggest the varietal and see what you come up with. I’m trying to get you readers more involved here.

So after reading this, go grab a bottle of wine YOU HAVE NEVER HAD, order up your favorite pie, and dig in. Then let me know what you had and how it went in the comments section.

Off we go!


  • Pinot Noir: You’ve got a good acidity and good red fruit on Pinots, which works well with the flavor of the red sauce on the dough. Who knows why it works, it just does.
  • Grenache: Tends to be a more peppery red with good tart fruits that match well with the red sauce. Grenache also tastes just plain good with mozzerella.
  • Rose: Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Red sauce and Rose?” but I’m telling you, if you like a plain cheese pie, Rose can work wonders. There’s a sweet tinge to Roses that, for one reason or another, just tastes very good to me.


  • Zinfandel: Great ripe red fruits and spiciness. That mixed with pepperoni means pure goodness.
  • Syrah: The king of pizza wines, in my opinion. In fact, this would work with pretty much any type of pizza. The thick dark fruits and occasional shot of chocolate makes the salty pepperoni taste magical and…weird.
  • Malbec: Fantastic with salty pork and red sauces. I would actually recommend (if your local pizza joint offers it) getting some spicier meats thrown onto that pie and swirl some Malbec with it. Your wife or girlfriend might not like you later on, but it will be worth it.
  • Chianti: It’s Italian, it’s Sangiovese, it’s dry, so why wouldn’t you want to mix it with a gorgeous oily slice of pure joy?


  • Syrah: Again, we are always recommending it with BBQ, so why not with a BBQ chicken pizza? It has similarities to barbecue sauce that work well: Tangy at times, hearty, a little acidity, and a big mouthfeel.
  • Petite Sirah: The frightening black color and fruit bomb flavors of these wines combat the onions and pair quite nicely with barbecue sauces.
  • Bordeaux: Might be a bit pricey for a pizza night, but you can hit up the local BevMo! and find some decent Bordeauz for under $20. If you can find one with some more vegetal characteristics and a little poop to it, the cilantro will thank you later.


  • Chardonnay: Hey, how many times have we spoken of certain Chardonnays tasting like pineapple, or at least pineapple gummi bears? Just because there’s something red on it doesn’t mean you can’t have a white. Try it out.
  • Pinot Noir: This wine will pair great with both of the stars of this pizza: Ham and pineapple. Pinot goes well with ham in the first place, and once you mix in the tomato sauce, the pineapple will pick up an interesting spiciness when swirled with Pinot.
  • Dolcetto: We have yet to cover a Dolcetto here on Wine Welfare because, well, we haven’t found one good enough for under $20. They come from a region in the Piedmonte and are characteristically light and fruity. Light, fruity, ham, pineapple. You noticing the connection there?

That’s it for this weeks “What Wine Goes With…” post. Hope you enjoyed it, and remember: Tell me what kind of pizza you have and the wine you enjoyed with it. Hell, order one up and pop a cork for the Super Bowl this weekend. I WANT YOUR COMMENTS!

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