Wolff Vineyards Riesling 2007

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Dear God This Is Good

Every few weeks I start to get bored with the wines I’m tasting. It seems I keep coming back to the same descriptions of scents and tastes, finding nothing new to say and not much to proffer. This makes the wine reviews stagnant and lifeless. I don’t like that. Whether it is the fault of the wines (Under-$20 can be a tough category to find mind-blowing vino) or my own lack of creativity, tedium occasionally sets in. There is only so much you can say at times without trying to reinvent the wheel.

But every now and then, in the midst of all the “blackberry flavors,” “good finishes,” “firm tannins,” “acids to balance the fruit” and everything else used to describe wines, comes a bottle that really just blows you away. Last week I almost had one with the Peachy Canyon Petite Sirah, but it fell short in that it tasted like most Petite Sirahs, only bigger. This week it finally happened. I tasted a wine that pretty much awakened whatever buzz-induced drag of familiarity I was in, while simultaneously blowing my face off.

COLOR: Chardonnay. Deep, rich golden yellow. Apple juice amber that is very unlike Riesling colors.

NOSE: Here’s where it gets very interesting. Huge wad of butter and apple served on a moldy tree trunk with honeysuckle blossoms in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland (hopefully most of you can identify that smell; if not, the closest thing I can think of is a toolshed after rain).

TASTE: Heavily-spiced apple pie with cheddar cheese, huge fruit cocktail of pears, grapes and nectarines topped with metal shavings and a caramel syrup. That makes no sense, but go with it. Add in those blossoms again at the end. The acidity is there with the metallic and mineral flavors, leading to a long, warm finish. When you take a small sip, it feels like you’ve shoved that entire slice of pie into your mouth and are now attempting to chew.

WITH FOOD: Dessert for one, though I’d stick with white fruit desserts rather than anything like chocolate, but this thing could probably make the floor of a public bus taste good.

SCORE: 10/10

WHERE TO BUY:$18.00 at CentralCoastWines.com!


$14.40 when you join the Wolff Vineyards Wineclub (which I highly recommend).

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