What Wine Goes With Cookies?


Time to Let That Belt Out One More Notch

It’s the holidays. That time of year where we unconsciously say “Screw It” to all manner of diet and start washing down deliciously fattening foods with gallons of booze. What better time to learn about what wines go well with cookies? After all, cookies are enjoyed during the holidays more than any other time, as is vino. We’re going to give you 3 common cookies and suggest 3 wines that you can pair with them this holiday season. Oh, and if you aren’t having any of these types of cookies, it’s safe to say that our holiday will be better than yours.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Portgrahams_six_grapes_port

The grand poo-bah of cookies works well with pretty much any dessert wine as well as some less-sweet wines. However this year we are going to suggest pairing your chocolate chip beauty with a vintage character port. Vintage character port is a style of port that is more sweet, fruity and ready to drink immediately than more traditional ruby or tawny ports. To learn more about what the hell port is, read this.

The Graham’s Six Grapes port is an amazing wine for the price. Deep, rich red fruit mixes with chocolate fudge, raspberry reduction and cream. Matches especially well with homemade chocolate chip cookies because most are made with semi-sweet chocolate chips and retain a bit of their saltiness, unlike their storebought counterparts.

Graham’s Six Grapes Port – $15.99 at WineLibrary.com!

malivoire gewurtzraminerGingerbread Cookies and Gewurtztraminer

Nothing says “Holidays” more than making a beautiful, hand-crafted gingerbread house, and then tearing it to shreds, putting on five pounds in the process. We’re pairing a brilliant Gewurtztraminer with gingerbread cookies, thanks to the spicy, caramel-like nature of this varietal.

The Malivoire Gewurtztraminer explodes with ginger and citrus. The finish leaves a pleasing mineral taste on your tongue and the sugar stays with you long after you’ve mixed it with the gingerbread. Nearly impossible to find this wine anywhere, so take advantage at this price!

Malivoire Gewurtztraminer 2006 – $15.96 at WineLibrary.com!

Peanut Butter Blossoms and Tawny Portwarres_otima_port

This cookie is quickly growing in popularity and threatens to soon dethrone our beloved chocolate chip cookie as the go-to holiday cookie of choice. While we prefer a warm homemade chocolate chip cookie, we can’t fly in the face of the popular vote, so the peanut butter blossom must be recognized. We’re pairing this usurper with a delicious Tawny Port that is the stuff of legends.

The Warre’s 10 year Tawny Port Otima is a mind-blowing wine experience. This is toffee in a snifter (glass you’re SUPPOSED to drink port out of; requires a pinkie to be raised like a snob). Tawny port pairs surprisingly well with peanut flavors and chocolate. This wine is traditionally served with fruit, nuts, and a cheese called Stilton (more popular in the UK, kind of like a STRONG bleu cheese, delicious, smells like John Madden’s feet after calling a Thanksgiving Day NFL game), but it works well with the blossom. Delicious caramel and a slight spice.

Warre’s 10 Year Tawny Port Otima – $16.99 at WineLibrary

We hope some of these wines (and cookies, of course) find their way to your table this holiday season because you will not be disappointed. If you do try some of the pairings, or any pairing for that matter, let us know how it went in the comments section below.

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  1. Great blog ! and great post, especially around Christmas season… yummy, yummy cookies!

    Kenny from The Grand Crew

  2. Wine Welfare Says:
    December 21, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Kenny – Thanks so much! Hope you read it as much as we read The Grand Crew! Hope you have a Happy Holiday!



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