Wine Review: Villa del Borgo Pinot Grigio

villa_del_borgo_pinot_grigioEstate Grown Grapes at a Ridiculous Price

The Villa del Borgo label is owned by Vin Divino and is used only in the United States. They know how we Americans love them fancy soundin’ names on our wine because that must mean it’s good. Well, in this case, the wine is good. Very good. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find estate-grown (meaning it’s grown on the winery’s actual grounds and vineyards) and bottled Italian wines at this price. The wine is done in 100% stainless steel, with no malolactic fermentation and it never touches oak. This means you get more fruit and natural acid than fake vanilla wood flavors.


Green-washed tea. Kind of like underripe hay.


Have you ever had Werther’s Originals? Or at least a caramel candy? That’s what this smells like. Not caramel alone, but the caramel candies. That and citrus.


More caramel candies, purple sweet tarts, grass mixed with orange peel, green apple, parma violets. That’s everything we could think of. The acid is surprisingly low, but there is enough to cut through and please your tongue. It leaves a great finish and gives you a satisfying pucker.

With Food

Creamy cheeses and tart fruits. Since the acid is slightly low, you may want to compensate. As for main foods, maybe a lemon chicken or cream sauce would work. Seafood of course, but no tuna or salmon. You want to have food that’s got some fat to it so that the acid can break through the oil.

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