Wine Review: Strong Arms Shiraz 2007

strong_arms_shirazStrong Wine, Weak Price

Been a few days since are last massive post about “What Wine Goes With Chicken?” so we took a bit of a breather. But now we’re back with the Strong Arms Shiraz 2007. We actually found this wine at Cost Plus World Market, and it was just about the same price as below. So, if you have one in your area, save yourself some shipping costs and head on over. Anyway, we’ve generally had good luck with wines we find at World Market, though there are some occasional duds. The one thing that is consistent about World Market is that the wines they offer are completely new to us, and the ones that are good, are very good.


Great, rich purple with flecks of red. Looks promising in a glass.


Sweet, black licorice, spice, brown sugar and earth. Throw in some blackberry cobbler.


Thank goodness for the acid and the oomph of the earth, because this wine could be dessert. Luckily it will work with many a meal. The fruit is there to combat the acid, and all of it is gently supported by some good heat and excellent pie crust flavors.

With Food

As always with a decent Shiraz or Syrah, the redder the better. Since the Strong Arms Shiraz is Australian, it’s a bit less gooey than it’s American cousin, so avoid the BBQ sauce, but not the barbecue. Grilled steak or ostrich that isn’t fussed with would be perfect. Just a little salt and pepper.

$8.95 at

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