New Year’s 2010: Let’s Get Hammered

Time to (Literally) Forget 2009

If you’re not still in that food coma thanks to that Christmas gut-busting, you might want to check out some good champagne and sparkling wines for your upcoming New Year’s celebration. We’ve got some great ones for you, too. These are guaranteed to not only please the palate, but keep you away from hangover territory (hopefully), unless of course you drink 5 bottles. Then you’re done for, and don’t come crying to us when you’re stumbling around for a bottle of water with your tongue feeling like a hot sock.

What’s that? You’re not really into partying for New Year’s anymore? You say it’s just all about drinking, and you can’t handle waking up hungover?

Suck it up, crybaby. This is 2010 we’re talking about here. Not a simple dinner or birthday party. You don’t get to eat some cookies and sip a soda, the freaking year is ending. And WHAT a year. So it’s time to kick up your heels and really have a blast while simultaneously tying one on.*

In fact, this might be the first time we recommend you try ALL THREE of these, instead of just choosing one. For less than $20, you have no excuse.

Cristalino Brut – $5.95 at Or $6.99 at Your Local BevMo

The Sprite of bubblies, and at this price, who can pass it up? The Cristalino is a Spanish Cava that comes across as shockingly simple upon first taste, but shortly explodes into brain melting flavors of lemon-lime and walnuts. And if you think that’s strange, the mid-palate and finish offers up a nice shot of yeast and bread dough. Moist then absolutely bone dry. A fantastic start to the night with some cheese and crackers.

Conde de Subirats Brut – $9.98 at

Silky smooth with a veritable salad of scents and flavors. A nice brown, round scent that makes you think of burnt toast with a little lemon custard. The custard returns in the first hit, and it’s brought some kiwi, dried fig and some mango with it. An odd mix, but it goes down like liquid velvet. Just awesome. Save this one for a special moment.

Chandon Blanc de Noirs – $12.99 at Your Local Bevmo or Pretty Much Anywhere

Chandon has always been a solid producer, offering a delicious array of sparklers at very good quality to price ratios. The Blanc de Noirs is no exception as flavors of strawberries and buttery toast coat your palate. This sparkling wine is made with Pinot Noir and shows a delicious salmon color. Perfect for after appetizer quaffing when the dancing is in full swing and your aunt has her dress up over her head.

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2002 – $19.99 at BevMo

Oh waaaaaiiiit, we missed a “9”. That sucks. Seriously though, buy this and you’re automatically a baller. Word.

That’s all folks. We hope you enjoy some or all of these fantastic bubblies. From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy and SAFE 2010!


*If you’re driving, don’t tie one on, please.

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