Wine Review: Dancing Bull Chardonnay 2004 Review

dancing_bull_chardonnayNot Bad for Apple Cider

We don’t normally give negative reviews here on, but in the case of the Dancing Bull Chardonnay we feel compelled to warn you. The label on this travesty said “Crisp green apple notes…”

“Notes”? This was pure apple cider, baby.


All looks well. A bit more pale than most California Chardonnays, but we weren’t worried.


A little different. Good, tart green apples, little cinnamon, but no butter. Which we like. Generally, the more natural acid and less oak we get, the better.


Alright, this the ridiculous part. Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider is all you need to know. The wine is very hollow, very light, and very surgary. The apple flavors are there, but that’s it. Cover an apple slice in sugar and you have it, except imagine the apple slice and sugar evaporated into nothing after the first bite. Fake acidity and no finish. Ditch this like a bad Prom date.

With Food

Please God no.

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