Wine Review: Charles Krug Chardonnay Carneros

charles_krug_chardonnaySounds All Fancy, but Really Just Another California Chardonnay

Despite the name, there is nothing extraordinary or fancy about this Chardonnay. It’s your run-of-the-mill Napa Chardonnay sold at a pretty low price point. No odd flavors, no expressiveness, nothing to really excite the mouth or make you crave a particular food to match it with. Wines like this are entering our orbit more frequently these days, all of them inducing a mighty yawn from our little collective. Maybe it’s time to branch out and look for some more cheap Europeans again.


Golden. Go figure. Bit pale.


Apple, bit of vanilla oak hints, but mostly apple.


More apple, bit of green Jolly Rancher and some toastiness. The oak isn’t overpowering, which is nice, but the wine lacks chutzpah. The BevMo review says “alluring on the finish,” whatever that means. It kind of ended abruptly for us and left us more interested in the crab we were eating with it. ZZZZZZ

With Food

The usual chicken or white sauce. Be warned though, that this is not going to add much to it. Maybe keep this in the rack for that special moment when everyone at the party is wondering what happened to all the wine? Then present this as some big woopty-doo.

$5.99 at, but they really gouge you on the shipping.

$15.99 at your local BevMo store if you are willing to pick it up in person. Surprisingly, this is still cheaper than ordering online.

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