Wine Review: Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc

spy_valley_sauvignon_blancMarlborough Country Is Flavor Country

We enjoyed this great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at the Omni Hotel bar in New Orleans, Louisiana. Terrible hotel, great wine list. It’s from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, renowned for it’s crisp whites that always showcase the flavors of the soil and have a great acidity.


Pale straw (we’ve said it before, we know, but that’s the color!) with a greenish tint.


Cut tart green apple, under ripe and green berries (you know, when they aren’t soft yet), and loads of lawn (meaning “grass”).


Passion fruit body scrub from The Body Shop. Go buy a bottle of that stuff and that’s what this tastes like at first. Then the acid kicks in, and it’s deliciously firm and crisp. The rock of the soil comes through strongly toward the end and produces a fantastic finish that lingers with flavors of lime and some cilantro.

With Food

Given the finish, this would be good with spicy foods, even Mexican. Perfect for white fish or to cut through a buttery French chicken or sole fillet.

$8.99 on sale at Taylor & Norton wine merchants!

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