Wine Review: Monaci Maru Negroamaro 2007

monaci maru negroamaroDrink It All When You Open It

The Monaci Maru Negroamaro is on sale at your local BevMo, but it’s cheaper in the link below. The Negro Amaro grape is grown exclusively in Southern Italy; the Puglia region to be specific. This isn’t a wine seen very often, so cheers to BevMo for throwing one up on their shelves. The wine is definitely worth a taste, especially if you are into the dark, murky fruit flavors and love tobacco wines. The only caveat is that if you open this, you should drink the whole bottle, which makes it a party or long-meal wine. It lost all of its pop after one day.


Dark red with brown. Very dirty looking, but full-bodied.


Definite must and tobacco on the nose. It opens up beautifully to great fig, dried cherry, cinnamon and anise scents.


More and more figs. The figs are on a roll lately. The wine takes a moment on your tongue before exploded in figs. However, they quickly fade and are replaced with cavendish tobacco, spices and a think, muscular dose of leathery tannins. Very interesting because the wine seems to go back and forth between the fruit and the elemental flavors. The finish is decent, but not lingering.

With Food

Never had an actual tobacco wine on Wine Welfare before, but if you ever wanted to enjoy a Cuban cigar or a pipe with a glass of wine, this is it. Of course, liquers, sherry or brandy might work better, but if you’re not into those, pop one of these open and enjoy with a good smoke.

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