Wine Review: Kenwood Zinfandel Yulupa

kenwood_zinfandel_yulupaFig Newton In a Bottle

Kenwood is a solid producer out of the Sonoma Valley of California. They have many different “collections” of wine that vary in style and quality, but so far, we’ve been unable to find a bad one. The Kenwood Yulupa Zinfandel is an old vine Zinfandel, meaning the vines that produced these grapes are older than all of us.


Great silky burgundy. Fresh and lively in the glass


Fig Newton cookies and blackberry juice. There is a bit of spice as well, but the figs overpower everything; ancient-smelling and delicious.


While Fig Newtons were on the nose, they are not in the flavor of the wine. The figs are more concentrated, similar to fig preserves or even pickled figs. Seriously, this wine is fig-tastic; more than any other red wine we’ve tasted. Though only a few years old, the flavor of figs overpowered everything. Great tannins balance them out, with every other fruit smothered. We don’t like the finish, as it’s rather abrupt and a bit of a tease given the delicious smell and flavor.

With Food

Great fruit and cheese wine. At this price point, this could be an end-of-the-evening wine served with figs (duh), peaches, apple, cherries and some hard, smelly cheeses like Manchego or an aged cheddar. Avoid the creamy cheeses. If you want it with a meal, stone fruit-roasted chicken, pork, lamb or especially TURKEY would be ideal. A great Thanksgiving wine.

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