Wine Review: Castillo Labastida Rioja 2001

castillo_labastida_riojaFinally, A Wine That Tastes Like Coke

Rioja is one of, if not the, principal wine making region in Spain. They make a huge variety of wines, from reds to whites to roses. Their flagship “Spanish Galleon” grape is the deliciously lively Tempranillo, which is growing in popularity in California these days. Rioja wines are always worth checking out, not only for their amazing range of flavors, but for their quality and always-low prices.


Ruby red, with a nice velvety look to it. It actually looks like it tastes delicious.


Full and stiff. This smells like the tobacco I buy for my father every year. Dark, moist, sweet, with bits of vanilla and gummy colas. Very, very appetizing.


The nose came through here, with everything and more being matched on the palate. The wine is chewy and delicious, leaving your mouth watering. Being 8 years old also helps. The flavors mingle very well, with the cola-soaked wood and tobacco coming through, and the vanilla wiping out the obvious heat from the alcohol, leaving you to smack your lips. The tannins are balanced with the fruit and elements so they never turn your tongue into a saddle. The last thing that must be noted is the finish, which goes on and on and on. This should definitely be savored.

With Food

Thanks to the spicy yet jumpy flavors, this would work well with gamey meats cooked any way you like. Not really a cheese and fruit wine, but do what you like. A perfect dish might be buffalo steaks with some sort of peppercorn sauce.

Only $14.98 at Wine Library, so jump on it while you can!

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