Wine Review: Shiloh Road Syrah

shiloh_road_syrahHard To Find Syrah at the BevMo 5¢ Wine Sale

As far as we can tell, this wine is pretty much only available at BevMo stores. We assume that you might be able to find it at some smaller, independent wine shops, and at their winery, but we can’t be sure. If anyone has seen it anywhere else, let us know in the comments.


Good thick ink. Exactly what we would expect.


Vanilla, tobacco, plums, dark cherries and some coffee.


Silky and smooth. Great vanilla (probably from too much oak, but we liked it this time) and dark fruits: Prunes, stewed cherries and some fig. Meaty and full-bodied. The acid is low, but the tannins kick in fairly well. The coffee on the nose appears on the finish, but it really depends what you eat with it. All in all, a good buy at the BevMo sale, but after that, there are better Syrahs at lower price points.

With Food

Grilled pork, coffee-crusted steak, and game. Don’t drink it without food.

$16.99 for 2 at the BevMo 5 ¢ Wine Sale!

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