Wine Review: Fetzer Gewurtztraminer 2007

Fetzer GewurtztraminerNot Quite Cheap, Not Quite Expensive

Fetzer has always been a solid producer of bargain-priced wines. Their Gewurtztraminer is no exception and is a real crowd-pleaser at this price.


Clarified maple syrup. Amber, apple juice.


Pretty tight nose with no explosions or overtly obvious scents. We detect the alcohol, of course, along with some faint white-flesh fruit like apple and pear.


Super, super sweet. Gewurtztraminers are supposed to be, but this one overdoes it. Most wine newbies prefer sweet whites, so this might be one for them, but for a more discerning palate, this is a pass. It’s sugar water with a bit of apricot, minerality and acid, but at the end of the day, it’s really just sweet sweet white wine. Buy it in bulk for a party wine.

With Food

Desserts. Not too good for much else. The acidity we expect out of this grape as well as Rieslings help out with spicy foods, but the acidity is absent here. Ice creams or citrus-flavored cakes would work best.

$6.79 at BevMo!

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