Wine Review: Crane Lake Shiraz

crane_lake_shirazNot sure why they are calling it “Shiraz” when it comes from the Napa Valley. “Shiraz” is normally reserved for wines made from the Syrah grape that come from Australia.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter that much, because this wine is terrible.


Very beautiful. Great, dark, boysenberry syrup colors. Very deceptive.


Wow. Alcohol. Some hints of cherry and some blueberry, with sugar added, but mostly alcohol coming through.


Two ingredients: Sugar and water. The wine is hollow. Tongue feels empty. Bitter acid with really overblown tannins. The fruit that is there is very very fake. We like wines that remind us of particular candies with all their artificial flavors, but we don’t want the actual artificial flavors in the wine.

We can say one good thing about this bottle. While it is cheap wine, it does not have the typical “cheap wine” flavor.

But it still sucks.

With Food


$2 at Henry’s Farmer’s Market!

$3.99 at ShopRite Liquors – Laurenti Wines if you don’t have a Henry’s Farmer’s Market near you.

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3 Responses to “Wine Review: Crane Lake Shiraz”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out here! My ol’ man, who runs the shop, will greatly appreciate seeing the link! That being said… … yeah, this is pretty terrible wine. If you pop into our New Jersey store, you won’t even spot it on the shelf. Nope. We have a giant shopping cart in the back filled with stuff like this where whatever you fish out is $3.99.

    Also, if you ever want some more ammo in the under $5 category, there’s a boatload of stuff behind this link:

    Thanks again!

  2. This review whas stupid. This person sound like the type that would simply lable a bottle of wine by the price on the bottle. I’ve drank a large variety of wine over maney years with a wide range of price and I still go back to the Crane Lake Shiraz. This is not a cheap tasting wine. I glady serve it to guests and bring it to dinners while raving about it’s price!

  3. Whiskey Richard Says:
    January 28, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    You perception must be remarkably above the typical wine taster. I rather appreciated the “Hahahaha” when it comes to what food you would eat with this wine. You must be quite the high class tester if the thought of drinking such poor person gut rot while eating food is hilarious. It is hilarious! Fuck poor people.

    Also you should probably leave up comments as they are instead of deleting opposing views so people think this is actually a valid website. Leaving up the comment that is basically an advertisement for a wine store is a nice touch, though.

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