Wine Review: Contrada Sauvignon Blanc 2007

¢Contrada Sauvignon BlancA Decent Sauvignon Blanc from California

It’s rare, but it happens. We have here a bonafied California Sauvignon Blanc that we liked very much. The wine exemplifies all the classic flavors we like, look for and love about New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. The Contrada is made by the Michael Pozzan Winery; a solid producer. The Contrada Sauvignon Blanc is a great quaffer for a nice, warm day.


Clear, kiwi juice, lemon water.


Crisp and actually exciting. Strong lime, mineral, rock and vanilla grass.


It’s the grass we’ve been looking for, with little heat. This is usually the problem for us when it comes to California Sauvignon Blancs: too much alcohol and too little fruit and grass. The Contrada is grassy, but more wet grassy. A pile of mulch mixed in wiht thyme, tree bark and a solid shot of lime and kiwi. Not too herbal.

With Food

Lemon chicken, most white fish, preferably grilled with citrus or a mango salsa.

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