Wine Review: Bridlewood Syrah

Bridlewood Syrah

The Wine That Sounds Very Familiar, Though You’ve Probably Never Had It

The whole purpose of this site is to ignore things like names, labels, even price and to let the wines speak for themselves. That said, the name “Bridlewood” sounds instantly familiar when you hear it. Almost like “Beringer.” You’re certain you’ve had it, but odds are you haven’t. What a shame.


Good dark cherry. Not black and murky like many Syrahs. There is still enough red showing to not call it purple or “inky.”


The woods. Hey, maybe we were wrong in bashing the name. They got the “wood” part right. This thing smells like deforestation: damp tree stumps and crackling campfires. Hints of pumpkin spice and vanilla come in as well.


Delicious. This one will be a crowd pleaser, epsecially at this price. The less-sour-but-just-as-sugary fruits make a big appearance here. Figs and prunes are the star of the show, along with vanilla bean and some silky tannins. Not too much acid. The alcohol level is low enough to really push the fruit forward. Delicious.

With Food

BBQ without BBQ sauce. Lamb, steaks in general. This would even work with a light red sauce or pizza.

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