Wine Review: Trois Imbeciles Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Santa Ynez


This is one we found while on a journey up north of Los Angeles to the Santa Ynez Valley. We stopped at Buellton and Solvang (made famous by the film Sideways). Normally we do not go for California Sauvignon Blancs in favor of the New Zealand efforts, but we were very surprised by this bottle.

We found it in the Danish village of Solvang, at a wonderful store called The Olive House. The store sells (you guessed it) a wide variety of olives, canned/jarred vegetables, dressings, condiments, oils, vinegars and wines. The special thing about the store is the wine selection. Owner/proprieter Jeff Feeley is a local winemaker and has put together a list of wines from up and down the west coast, including Washington and Oregon. These are wines that are not readily accessible without going to the actual winery or at least the area where the wines are produced. So you are given access to some fantastic wines that you otherwise might not ever know about.

The Trois Imbeciles is actually made by Feeley. While all of the wines we tasted at the Olive House were great, his was the only one we brought back with us.


Clear, silver and metallic. Normally we would say light straw, but this wine just has a look of wet rock.


A little tight when chilled, but really opens up once a bit warmer. Tart apples, pears, some citrus and faint scents of fresh-cut grass. The grass is unusual for California Sauvignon Blancs. New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs often give that scent.


One word: More. Once you taste this, you will want another glass and something to eat with it. The wine is not too light and not too heavy. A perfect balance of fruit, minerality and alcohol. Tart green apples, pears, lemons and even some nectarine. The fruit is great on the front-end, with the apples and lemons coming through strong. The mid-palate is amazing with great mineral and wet rock flavors. The best thing about the wine, however, is the finish, which brings out the grass and lingers on the tongue. An absolutely fantastic wine.

With Food

Good on its own, but you will also enjoy it with some mild white fish, lemon chicken or some mild cheese and tart fruits.

About $14, but not available online. You can either call the number below or go visit The Olive House in Solvang, CA:

1661 Mission Drive
Solvang, CA 93463


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